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The desert rose (Adenium) lives up to its name. The captivatingly beautiful flowers and the bizarre growth make them a gem for every home.

Over time it develops a thick trunk, which is particularly strong at the base, the so-called caudex with branched shoots. At the end of the shoot, several flowers appear from spring to summer. After flowering, the shoot needs to branch, so you could also speak of a "natural bonsai" in Adenium.

The desert rose belongs to the family of  Apocynaceae. She is at home in South Arabia and eastern Central Africa, from Kenya to Mozambique. There she is up to two meters tall.

Desert Roses are ideal houseplants and thrive on the sunny windowsill best. They like a bright and year round warm place, the warmer the better, not more than a meter from the window. Dry room air is well tolerated.

Watering and fertilizing
Water at temperatures above 20 ° C, in summer once a week, in winter only moderately, about every two to three weeks. Pay attention to a good drainage. Fertilization takes place monthly from March to September, in the remaining time every 2 months. It is best to use our high quality Adenium fertilizer.

At temperatures below 20 ° C you stop all watering, the plant then goes into a growth rest in which it loses the leaves. The minimum temperature is 15 ° C.

We recommend Uhlig Caudex Substrate (own recipe and production).

Good to know
Desert roses, unlike many cacti, do not want a cool hibernation. They should be protected against drafts. In drought stress, the plants take a break and lose the leaves. If they get water again, they drive out again.

A pruning of individual shoots for better shaping is possible. This is best done after flowering in late summer or fall.

Lack of budding in spring or the formation of crippled leaves indicate an infestation with thrips. Silvery to brownish discolored leaves are an indication of mites. Both can be successfully treated by spraying three times with the biological care preparation Biplantol Contra X at intervals of 5 days.

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