sowing instructions

fill sowing substrate in a seedtray, smoothing and watering

sow seeds from the seed bag evenly on the sawing substrate press with a flat object

seeds moisten well

cover with fine quartz gravel

put on a transparent plastic cover or cover with fleece


Fill a germ-free seeding tray with water drain with sterile, well moistened sowing substrate without fertilizer.

The pur mineral "Aussaatsubstrat Profi"is perfect for this purpose. It quickly absorbs moisture. Even with very fine seed, the grain will not be sweep off. The mineral sowing substrate prevents silting of the seeds and ensures long moisture reserves and optimum aeration.

The top layer should be smoothly peeled off. Water is added with horsetail extract "Schachtelhalmextrakt" (0.4%) which prevents fungus attack and above all, it strengthens the plant-like defenses. Now the seed is distributed evenly on the wet substrate.

The seeds are lightly pressed with a flat object, then sprayed rayed or brushed with horsetail solution "Schachtelhalmlösung" to ensure contact with the seed substrate.

Spray Pilzfrei Aliette or Chinosol solution as an alternative to seed pickling.

To protect the swelling and germinating seeds from drying out cover the sowing with a thin layer. Suitable for this purpose are small quartz gravels "Quarz Sand" (2-4 mm), which ensures the necessary light for seed germination.

If swelling seeds or freshly germinated seedlings dry out, they will die.
However too much water is equally dangerous, for the risk of putrefaction and sweeping of the seeds.

To improve the water balance, we recommend irrigation mats "Bewässerungsmatte", subsequent delivery moisture. You can set the watering mat in a plastic box, cover with a needle foil "Nadelfolie" and the sowing and planting trays placed on it. The needle foil has a microperforation, through which water can pass directly into the trays and substrate, but evaporation is largely prevented. Through this system, moisture is available over longer periods of time, which has a positive effect on germination and seedling growth. The growth of young plants and many other succulents is also improved.

To protect the necessary moisture and temperature, cover the seedlings with the plastic cover of the sowing house "Aussaat-Haus" or fleece "Vlies". Fleece is a fine fabric of very thin synthetic fibers. Water, air and light transmittance of the material guarantee perfect seeding conditions with good heat dissipation and prevention of dehydration.

The slightly shading effect of only 22% is advantageous for seedlings, the low weight of 17-20 gr per square meter avoids pressure damage.

The germination temperature of most cacti and other succulents is between 18 and 28 degrees Celsius. The best time for sowing is March to June. During this time, under a cover, even at the windowseal the necessary temperature is reached without any problem.
Only a few other succulents, such as Testudinaria elephantipes or Cotyledon, germinate better in autumn or winter.

Until a small plant body has developed irrigate regularly. If the first fine spines are growing, the sawing substrat may dry out for some days. For this purpose, the fleece or the plastic cover of the sowing house is slightly ventilated, then more and more until it can be removed.

6-10 weeks after germination you start fertilizing with half concentration. During the first 3 to 6 months spray or irrigate with a solution of horsetail extract repeatedly to prevent fungal attack.

For seedlings we recommended our succulent fertilizer "Uhlig-Sukkulentendünger", or for large quantities the nutrient salt "Sukkulentennährsalz".
By using humic sowing soil and rainwater use special nutrient salt "Flory 2".

Use the fleece from sowing to the development of a small planting body (about 2 to 4 months). After that, the young plants tolerate quite well the direct light. This hardening is very important for a healthy development of succulent plants.

Spraying with horsetail solution and Uhlig AMN ® cacti Vital cure "Uhligs AMN® Kakteen Vital-Kur" strengthens the plants continue to fungus and other pests.

After 6 month to one year, the seedlings are transplanted. Rooting (even after potting) is promoted by spraying with a solution of valerian extract "Baldrian Extrakt". Valerian supports rooting like flower formation. To encourage flowering, spray "valerian extract" best repeatedly from fall to spring.

We wish much success and enjoyment with your seedlings!

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