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sowing instructions

Experiencing the germination and growth of seedlings is one of the most beautiful and exciting experiences the succulent world has to offer. Here we show you all the steps to your own successful sowing: (Download PDF)

Fill the sowing substrate in seed boxes, flatten and sprinkle Spread seeds evenly on the substrate
Press down with a flat object Moisten seeds well
Cover with fine quartz gravel Apply transparent plastic lid or cover with fleece

The own sowing

Fill a germ-free, water-septed seed vial with a sterile, well-moistened, unfertilized substrate.

The mineral " Aussaatsubstrat Profi " is ideal for this purpose. It quickly absorbs moisture. Even with very fine seeds, the grain is not washed. The mineral Sowaatsubstrat Profi prevents sludge seeding and ensures long moisture reserves with optimal ventilation.

The uppermost layer should be pulled off smoothly with a small board. It is watered with " Schachtelhalm extract " (0.4%), which prevents fungal infestation and especially strengthens the plant's own defenses. Now the seed is evenly distributed on the moist substrate. The seeds are lightly pressed with a flat object, then sprayed over with horseshoe solution or overshrown to ensure contact with the seed substrate.

Very suitable as an alternative to seed pickling: Sow with special - fungus-free Spray or sprinkle on aliette or quinosol solution .

So that the swelling and germinating seeds do not dry out, the sowing is covered thinly. For this, coarse quartz sand (2-3 mm), which ensures the seed to germinate the necessary light.

Dry swelling seeds or fresh germinated seedlings completely, they usually die off. Too frequent watering should also be avoided, since the risk of flooding of the seeds is increased and harmful fungi can spread rapidly in a very humid environment.

To improve the water balance, we recommend " irrigation mats " , which provide moisture. You can place the watering mat in a plastic box, cover it with " needle foil " and place the seed and planters on it. The needle sheet has a microperforation through which water can pass directly into the vessel and substrate, but evaporation is largely prevented. This system provides moisture for extended periods of time, which has a positive effect on germination and seedling growth. The growth of young plants and many other succulents is also improved.

In order to obtain the necessary humidity and temperature, cover the seedlings with the lid of the sowing house or with "fleece". Fleece is a fine fabric of very thin synthetic fiber. Water, air and light permeability of the material ensure ideal sowing conditions with good heat development and prevention of dehydration.

The slightly shading effect of 22% is beneficial for seedlings, the low weight of 17-20 gr / m² avoids pressure damage.

The germination temperature of most cacti and other succulents is between 18 and 28 degrees Celsius. It is best to sow between March and June. During this time, the necessary temperature is easily reached under a cover, even on the windowsill. Only a few other succulents, such as Testudinaria elephantipes or Cotyledon, germinate better in autumn or winter.

Until a small plant body has developed and the first fine thorns are visible, the substrate should be kept relatively moist. Later it may dry off superficially. To do this, first lift the fleece or the lid of the sowing house a little, then more and more, until it can be covered.

After 6-10 weeks you start to fertilize with half the concentration. During the first 3 to 6 months, a Schachtelhalm extract solution should be poured or sprayed over and over again to prevent fungal attack. When using sowing substrate Profi we recommend " Uhlig Succulent Fertilizer " , or for large quantities " Succulent Nutrient Salt Flory 3 " , for humus seed substrates and rainwater " Special Nutritional Salt Flory 2 " .

The fleece can be easily used from sowing to the development of a small plant body (about 2 to 4 months). Then the young plants usually tolerate the direct light quite well. This hardening is very important for a healthy development of succulent plants.

Regular spraying or overshooting with horsetail solution and Uhlig's AMN ® Kakteen Vital-Kur will continue to strengthen the plants against fungal and other pests.

After a half to a year, the seedlings are pikiert. The growth (even after potting) is promoted by an overshoot with a solution of Baldrian extract and Uhligs AMN ® Kakteen Vital-Kur . Valerian supports rooting as well as flowering. To stimulate the flower formation, one injects Baldrian extract several times from autumn to spring.

We wish you much success and pleasure with your sowing!

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