Pachycereus pringlei Cardon XXL

Pachycereus pringlei, is called Cardón in Mexico; Mexican candelabra cactus,

Cactus family ( Cactaceae )

Mexico (Sonora and Baja California)

Flowers white, up to 8 cm long; open during the day and night; appear only on older specimens from 3 m height; develop a thick column in pot culture; in the nature trees with 11 m height and a trunk diameter of 60 cm

Next to the Saguaro (Carnegiea gigantes), the largest candelabra cactus of Central America.



Pachycereus pringlei is very hungry for light. During the growing season he should be illuminated directly by the sun for at least a few hours a day.

Suitable are large windows, conservatories or greenhouses. Note that balconies above windows, trees in front of them or curtains restrict the plant-available light. Also, thermal discs or tints in the glass limit the Lichausbeute.

A summer outdoor location is also recommended. Please note that Pachycereus also has to get accustomed to unfiltered sunlight for 3-4 days. In no case on the first full sun day in May at noon bring out without sunscreen.


temperature artist

Pachycereus pringlei occurs in drylands. There are often enormous day-night temperature fluctuations. Therefore, locations with high temperature fluctuations for these plants are not a problem, the main thing it remains frost-free. But equally warm conditions such as in an office or living room are well suited.


How do I properly pour?

Plants in XXL format require only a few waterings. After potting, keep completely dry for 4-6 weeks.

When poured, moisture and nutrients should penetrate to the roots. Therefore, you rarely pour but then enough.

For the frequency of watering, the rule of thumb applies: during the growing season from March to September watering is permeated. After drying the soil follows a casting break of 2 to 4 weeks. Only then you pour again. Every second watering succulent fertilizer comes into the irrigation water according to the instructions. Coasters, bowls or planters can hold excess water or serve for bottom watering. What is not absorbed by soil and plants should definitely be distributed. Standing wetness does not tolerate succulents and react with root rot.

In winter you should not pour Pachycereus pringlei at all. If wintering takes place at temperatures below 18 ° C, care must be taken that the soil is completely dry before the cool winter begins.


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