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Pachypodium generally among others Malagasy

The temperature should not fall below 15 ° C; some ground heat is prefered. At the humidity low demands are made, even in rooms with central heating, the attitude is not a problem.  During the growth period in the summer should be ample cast (once or twice per week). In leafless state is a little watering, so that the roots do not dry out. Standing water and 'cold feet' must be avoided at all costs. Since the rest period is not fixed in hereditary pachypodiums, keep all year their leaves (soil heat and carefully pour in the winter) at low culture conditions. From April to September fertilize with succulent fertilizer 'Sukkulentendünger' as on the label written. The representatives of this family are usually poisonous, some even very poisonous. Also in this plant family belong the native evergreen (Vinca minor) and the oleander (Nerium oleander) as well as the desert rose (Adenium obesum), which belong like the Pachypodien to the group of the succulent plants. The genus Pachypodium (thick-footed plants) comprises at least 13 species and some subspecies. Thickfoot plants habitually resemble the adenia, but differ from these by the possession of thorns. Pachypodias are predominantly found in Madagascar, some species are common in the south of the African continent.

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