Flory 4 cactus nutrient salt

8% N, 16% P205, 24% K20, 4% MgO Trace elements: B, Cu, Fe, Mn, Mo, Zn

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For all highly succulent and older cacti from summer. In the spring of Flory 3.

Physiologically slightly acidic, therefore ideal for alkaline substrates with a high proportion of lava, pumice or hard water.

General information : During the rest period some of the nutrients evaporate, the other remains bound in the soil. It is therefore important to compensate for this deficiency with our succulent fertilizer in spring. At the start of cultivation in spring, you fertilize 3 to 4 times with succulent fertilizer, then ball cacti and other highly succulent euphorbia, mesems, etc. are fertilized with cactus fertilizer. In the case of other leafy succulents such as Madagascar palms, one constantly fertilizes with succulent fertilizer. You fertilize about once a month or every second watering between March and September. If a rest period is observed, one begins with 1 to 2 doses of unfertilized water to stimulate fine root growth before fertilizer is administered. With this concept you start into a successful cactus season and care for your cacti and other succulents as needed.

Application :
You fertilize about once a month between March and September.

1 gr. To 1 liter of water
1 level measuring spoon (included) = 2gr for 2 liters of water

 Main nutrients :

Trace elements :

8% N

Total nitrogen

0.020% B


- 2.5% NO 3 -N

- nitrate nitrogen

0.030% Cu


- 5.5% NH 4 -N

- ammonium nitrogen

0.075% Fe


16% P 2 O 5

water soluble phosphate

0.050% Mn


24% K 2 O

water soluble potassium oxide

0.001% Mo


4% MgO

water soluble magnesium oxide

0.010% Zn


* = EDTA chelated

Type: Cactus nutrient salt (fertilizer) Flory 4
Item number: 700085
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